Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Troje (10/2008)

On November 15th 2007, SPDC soldiers from Light Infantry Battalions (LIBs) #218 and 219 shot and killed Saw Ler Gkay [A-75], a 28-year-old Karen villager from K--- village in Gkwee Lah village ward, Kyauk Kyi township, Nyaunglebin District. Although Saw Ler Gkay was a civilian, the SPDC deemed him a legitimate military target because he was in an area that was not firmly under military control. Saw Ler Gkay was married and had three children [A-76] between the ages of three months and six years. Now that he is dead his surviving wife will face increasing difficulties in supporting her children and herself. [Photos: KHRG]

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