Monday, 5 December 2011

Under the Friendship Bridge (3/11)

“He who is not capable of enduring poverty is not capable of being free.” — Victor Hugo
Imagine a life were you would choose to rather live on a garbage dump in a foreign country than in your home village in your own country.
Imagine to live on a mountain of refuse day after day. All your belongings are taken from the garbage, your house is made of it, your children play with it, the smell is penetrating you every minute of the day and the flies are around you all the time. You can not leave this dump, it is the only way to make a little money for you and your family. If you step outside you could be caught by the police and deported back to the land which you had to flee.
There are other places to go, yes you could go to a refugee camp. But in these camps you are closed in for years. You have no chance to work and support your family and maybe you still hope to go back home one day.
Could you live like this?
We want to give the people from the dump of Mae Sot a chance for a better life. For this we have built a Relocation Center very near to the dump site. Here they can learn sewing and take computer classes. The children can live there and go to a school away from the dump so they will have a chance for a future.
Please help them with a small donation.
Thank you and may you be well and happy always!
(Photos El-Branden Brazil)

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